Recent Legislative Visit with Senator Kehoe

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November 30, 2011 We have had another very successful legislative visit at San Diego Cooperative Charter School (SDCCS) last week. SDCCS invited Senator Kehoe out for a tour of the school. The tour was led by a student, several parents, and Dr. Wendy Ranck-Buhr, the principal. The tour stopped in classrooms, the art room, the gardens and the "dance hall," where all visitors were asked to dance the Merengue! The dance instructor and the student leads made the steps very easy to follow and we all had a ton of fun, including Senator Kehoe. SDCCS has a successful Ballroom Dancing Program that has won awards and been featured on the news. The program enrolls most of the middle school students who attend SDCCS.

Senator Kehoe was very engaged with the students and parents and asked lots of thoughtful questions. Not only did she learn a great deal about SDCCS and all the wonderful programs they offer their students, but also about the charter school movement in general. We discussed how governance works at a charter school as well as how charters manage their budgets in these difficult economic times.

I encourage all of you to reach out to your local legislators and invite them out for a visit. Put them on your event email list and make sure they are aware of events at your school. There is no better advocate for the charter movement than charter school staff, parents and students. If you need any help arranging visits please let me know.

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director