Public School Choice 3.0 will move forward

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November 3, 2011 The Los Angeles Unified School District has announced that, as of this moment, the third round of PSC will move ahead with charter schools applying side by side with in-district applicants. CCSA is recommending that charter schools move forward with their applications to ensure as many highly qualified applicants apply as possible.

CCSA and Families That Can supported the Don't Hold Us Back coalition in a rally on the morning of Nov. 1 to pressure the board to stay focused on broad sweeping reforms, including a thin performance-based contract for all teachers and the preservation of the Public School Choice initiative as it was originally intended. CCSA and Families That Can both spoke out in the public comment section before the board's closed session.

Superintendent John Deasy and UTLA President Warren Fletcher issued the following statement at 6 p.m. Nov. 1 as to their current negotiations relating to Public School Choice and school reform:

"The District and UTLA have made substantial progress toward a solution to the issues related to our current negotiations. The parties are committed to reaching an agreement as soon as possible to bring to the Board of Education and UTLA governing bodies. In the meantime, the previously established PSC timelines remain in place and PSC applicant teams will continue their work."

At this point, charter school applicants are preparing to submit their applications on the Nov. 18 due date. We are still concerned that the LAUSD board will seek to extend the negotiations, even though Superintendent Deasy has made it clear that there isn't enough time to do that for PSC 3.0 if the schools must be ready to open to fall. Yet because we believe PSC has the potential to provide systemic reform, we are encouraging qualified charter leaders to engage full-steam ahead.