Prop. 39 at Work in Northern California

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November 18, 2011 Our visions is for every charter school in Northeastern California to have a facility that meets the needs of their program. That means having a safe, welcoming site (or sites) that is affordable and enhances the school's educational program and desire to grow (or not!).

Proposition 39 is one way for schools to achieve school facility goals. Recent wins by the Association's Legal Team are clarifying the obligation school districts have to make legally compliant offers. That's making Prop. 39 a viable alternative for even more charter schools.

This year, a growing number of charter schools have requested lower-cost district facilities through the Proposition 39 process:

  • Rocky Point Charter School (Shasta)
  • Nord Country School (Butte)
  • Sherwood Montessori (Butte)
  • Wildflower Open Classroom (Butte)
  • Golden Valley Charter School (Sacramento)
  • Oak Park Prep (Sacramento)
  • Sacramento Charter High School (Sacramento)
  • PS7 (Sacramento)
  • California Montessori Project - Capitol Campus (Sacramento)
  • Higher Learning Academy (Sacramento)
  • Westlake Charter School (Sacramento)

I look forward to supporting these schools over the next six months as they negotiate the Proposition 39 process. If your school submitted a Proposition 39 request and you're not listed above - or if you're interested in learning more about accessing facilities via Prop. 39 - drop me a line! Let's work together to make Prop. 39 work for you!

Laura Kerr
Regional Director