OCS Affirms its Commitment to Serving all Students

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November 4, 2011 With the recent media scrutiny and LAUSD board interest in charter school admissions practices, it's more important than ever for charters to publicly share their commitment to serving all students. I'd like to give a shout out to Our Community School for proactively addressing this issue!

Last week, we shared with your our position on founding parents and the importance that founding parent preferences only pertain to parents involved in the initial founding of the school. Make sure the LAUSD school board knows what your schools' policies are and your commitment to serving all students.

Chris Ferris of Our Community School recently shared this message with the LAUSD Charter Schools office:

I wanted to share with you the following statement which the OCS Board passed on Wednesday 10-26-2011

Admission to Our Community School (OCS) is done via lottery, as per our charter petition. OCS does not now provide, nor has it ever since its inception in 2005 provided, a donation level or volunteer commitment to the school in order to receive the designation as a "founding family" or admission preference. The only preferences given are to siblings of current OCS students and children of OCS staff members.

If you're publicly confirming your commitment to serving all students in any way, let us know!

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