LAUSD and UTLA Reach Tentative Contract Agreement

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November 29, 2011 On Tuesday, the LAUSD and UTLA have reached a tentative landmark agreement, addressing issues around hire and fire rules and providing increased autonomies at school sites around instruction, budgeting and hiring decisions (very akin to the autonomies charters have used so well). While we congratulate the district on reaching an agreement, we are disappointed that it will exclude charters from any transformation or reconstitution process over in the next three years, effectively dismantling Public School Choice and other reconstitution processes for charters.

While we are frustrated that charters are excluded from some very promising reform efforts, we are hopeful that this new contract will result in better opportunities for kids and will lead to broader reform within LAUSD. Further, I think it's critical to recognize that prior to two years ago, the traditional chartering process (and conversion process) is all we knew. CCSA will continue to push the district to have a clear and fair process for chartering schools and for LAUSD to provide long-term facilities solutions. We'll continue to move forward on that trajectory to do what's best for kids and student achievement.

As we understand it, mid-way thru the PSC Round 3 process, Aspire, a highly successful charter management organization with a proven track record in serving LA's kids, will no longer be considered despite submitting a high quality application. We urge the district to work with Aspire's leadership to find ways to collaborate so that Aspire can serve more students.

--Allison Bajracharya
Managing Regional Director, Greater Los Angeles Region