Families That Can engages with the Don't Hold Us Back Coalition to push reform

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November 3, 2011 Families that Can and CCSA are working with a coalition of minority and civil rights groups to push education reform in LAUSD, including supporting the Public School Choice initiative.

The "Don't Hold Us Back" coalition initially formed to oppose a resolution proposed by LAUSD boardmember Steve Zimmer in August that would have giving in-district teams priority. The board ultimately moved forward with a modified proposal that gave UTLA and the district until Nov. 1 to come to agreement on far-ranging changes to teachers' contracts at PSC schools. They failed to come to agreement and it appears that the third round of PSC will move forward.

Families That Can, CCSA's parent organizing effort, has been working with the different groups involved in the coalition to make sure that parent and community voices are heard and boardmembers are held accountable. The coalition includes the United Way, The Urban League, Community Coalition, Alliance for a Better Community, Families in Schools, Asian Pacific American Legal Center and Communities for Teaching Excellence, among others. The group has been focused on a platform committed to reforming the UTLA contract for all teachers, while also hoping to preserve Public School Choice.

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