First SDUSD Board Meeting of the School Year

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October 5, 2011 SDUSD had their first charter board meeting of this school year with three charter issues; a Special Education MOU, a material revision for a grade expansion for O'Farrell Community School and a public hearing for San Diego Global Visions (SDGVA) to add a middle school. All went well. O'Farrell was unanimously approved without any discussion for their grade extension and will now will expand their middle school to be K-12. SDGVA had a good public hearing with several staff and parents speaking on their behalf. There was some discussion by board members around where they would be located and why they were submitting a separate charter for a grade expansion, while O'Farrell just made a material revision. We are following up with the board member regarding the major differences between a year-old charter and a charter that has been around for 15+ years.

Lisa Berlanga
Regional Director