Protecting Your Career: Why Teachers Need Liability Insurance

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October 13, 2011 By Sharon Nelson, Director of Legal Services for the American Association of Educators

Over a year ago, Sean Lanigan was a well-liked elementary school Physical Education teacher living in a small town. Sean had taught at the suburban school in his close knit community for more than thirteen years, where he also coached a high school boys' soccer team and various club teams in the area, receiving accolades and rave reviews from students and community members for over a decade. That was until the rug was swiftly pulled from under him when a student, looking for revenge after he had disciplined her, falsely accused him of misconduct.

The chaos that ensued nearly ruined Sean's life and career. While he was eventually exonerated, the aftermath of the lawsuit left him in near financial ruin. Sean was not covered by an individual liability insurance policy.

This type of story is more common than you think. In today's litigious society you can never be too careful. No matter how insulated you think you may be from harm, or the close-knit your community you teach in, misunderstandings, accusations, and accidents are common when working with some else's children.

While innocent victims like Sean Lanigan try to pick up the pieces of their life and deal with life-changing debts over legal fees, teachers should see this story as a lesson and obtain a quality individual liability insurance policy to protect their career and livelihood. Membership in a professional association, like the Association of American Educators, provides both individual liability insurance and legal protection to all teachers. In a world where everyone insures their car and home, why would a professional not ensure their career? Loosing certification or a tarnished reputation can be a game changer for an educator who is left unprotected.

Membership in the American Association of Educators through CCSA's Charter Employee Services program provides a robust network of legal resources available at the onset of work-place issues. If a student is injured under your watch, or you are thrust into an incident like Sean Lanigan, AAE legal services are just a phone call away. Membership guarantees immediate access to an attorney where you can obtain the professional, personalized advice you need.

The fact is teachers are threatened everyday and the number of lawsuits filed each year grows exponentially. With technology moving at a break-neck pace, teachers are communicating and interacting with students on and off of school property. In reality, with increased interaction, comes the increase of potential accusations of misconduct. You can never be too careful, and membership in AAE provides you peace of mind.

While no one can predict the future, teachers in the modern world need to protect themselves and safeguard their careers. As we settle into the school year, make sure you obtain suitable coverage. Never walk into a classroom without it.

For more information on how you can obtain the benefits provided by AAE, visit or contact Candice Lamarche, Senior Manager, at or 415-845-6017.