Oct. 27: "Are Teacher's Unions the Enemy?" with Steven Brill

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October 19, 2011 American schools have been ailing for several decades now. Per-pupil expenditures rise, but the educational outcomes get poorer. Promising efforts to improve performance either get stopped before starting properly or else meet with initial success only to prove illusory later. Steven Brill, who ventured into education reporting with a famous New Yorker article titled "The Rubber Room," has published a new book called Class Warfare. It looks at a movement made up of parents, college graduates, millionaires, Republicans, and Democrats who are trying to cut through bureaucratic sludge and inertia to improve the academic performance of children in American schools. What is the main obstacle to better schools? How do we improve the performance of millions of teachers? How much are the unions really to blame? Steven Brill visits Zócalo to discuss his ideas for American schools going forward.

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