Notice: Changes to Your Billing Cycle

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October 28, 2011 To best serve the ever growing charter movement in California, CCSA is transitioning to a new billing date for all Charter, Support, and Vendor members. Moving forward, all such members will need to renew their membership before January 1 each year.

What is the billing cycle transition?
This is an administrative makeover of how CCSA processes membership dues. Historically CCSA members have renewed their membership on the anniversary of their join date. Going forward, we will bill all School, Support, and Vendor members at the same time each Winter.

When will it take place?
The transition began in July 2011 and will conclude in March 2012.

  • For members that joined or renewed between now and August 2011, your transition has already occurred. This means your next membership renewal reminder will not come until November 2012.
  • For members who have not yet renewed for 2012, first invoices will be sent in November, which will cover you until November 2012.

Why are you changing the billing cycle?
Many members currently renew at the beginning of the academic year in the fall, but that is one of the least convenient times of the year for schools to make another payment. Back-to-school cash restraints and apportionment deferrals make for a tight cash flow situation. As such, the Association is conducting a one-time transition to shift all dues payments to a more convenient time of year. The consolidation of billing will also increase operational efficiencies within CCSA, helping make your dues dollars go even farther.

How will it impact my organization?
‚ÄčThe only change is in the timing of when you pay. That's it -- no strings attached!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact CCSA Member Services at Thank you for your hard work and continued support!