LAUSD Charter SELPA Director Position

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October 7, 2011 Over the past two years tremendous change and progress has occurred around special education. As a result of the recent collaborations between the charter school community and LAUSD, the Los Angeles Unified School District SELPA has been reorganized in a way that provides charter schools with a new option for special education service delivery. By participating in a newly formed Charter Operation Programs Division, charter schools will gain the same autonomy and flexibility that would be achieved through LEA status, while maintaining the benefits of participation in the Los Angeles Unified School District SELPA.

The charter community is excited about the recent changes and 48 charters are now operating under the new special education option. A Governance Council, made up of the CEO/Executive Director of each of participating charter schools, was formed to make policy and operational decisions for the new charter school option. The Governance Council is meeting regularly and is eager to begin rolling out innovations that will enable all participating charter schools to better serve students with disabilities.

We are now in search of a SELPA Director for the new Charter Operated Programs Division and are reaching out to you in hopes of identifying a qualified candidate for the position. We are asking you to share this information with any qualified candidates that may be interested in the implementation of a groundbreaking new model. We are seeking individuals that have a passion for serving students with disabilities in the manner that is only possible through the flexible and unique setting of a charter school.

Here is the link to the job posting. While the posting does indicate a closing date of this week, the charter school community is working with the District to extend this deadline.