Improved services to our Central Valley families with special needs

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October 21, 2011 A number of schools have approached me about creating an informal working group on special education. This will involve a dialogue about the challenges each school faces in serving special education students and engagement from our team of special education experts to help look for solutions. We have already met with a number of schools who are in the midst of writing their renewal petitions to advise them on language to include in their petition that will provide them the greatest flexibility on services to special education students. One of those schools has already experienced improved services from their authorizing district from the communications submitted on advice from our special education advisors.

Special education is a complex and sometimes convoluted subject area and the Association, working with our member schools, has made significant movement on improved services to students and families. This is one of those examples of where coming together to share in the challenges we experience as charters on a day to day basis can improve outcomes for all of us. I encourage you to reach out to me at to discuss this further.