Congressman's staff tours Orange County Charters

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October 20, 2011 Journey and Capistrano Connections had a great visit from Congressmen Campbell's Legislative Assistant, Danica Dawson. Danica flew out from DC to spend the morning touring and meeting staff and parents at both charters. The visits were very low key, no dog and pony show or anything. School leaders simply gave her the tour of the charter, provided opportunities to chat with parents, teachers and students informally. Danica learned a great deal about the Waldorf Program provided at Journey and the Independent Study options that Capistrano Connection provides.

These charters really highlighted the broad range of programs that charter schools can offer and she was impressed with both. Danica said she really appreciated seeing the charter schools in action. She said that she spends a lot of time talking about educational issues but actually seeing programs in action was way more meaningful to her than just hearing about them.

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