Charter Management Organizations in the Valley

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October 28, 2011 There is such a variety of schools that make up the charter school landscape in the Central Valley. We have a growing number of schools developed by school districts or county offices of education, and we have your independent, direct funded schools that were created by a visionary leader or group of community leaders that run independently from the traditional school district. Sometimes people forget that we have charters from two of the largest charter management organizations in that state in the valley as well, the personalized learning schools of the California Virtual Academies and the site-based Aspire Public Schools.

In the Central Valley Region, we have 3 Aspire schools all in the northern valley and were recently featured in a Modesto Bee article. Although all 3 schools have consistently had high test scores ranging most recently from an Academic Performance Index of 847 to 937, according to their CEO James Wilcox, the measurement that is the most important is that their students go to college. "The finish line for us is a college degree," said Wilcox in the Bee article. It is important that we continue to push forward with the creation or expansion of a variety of high quality school options for our families in the valley.

John Madrid
Regional Director, Central Valley