CCSA Responds to Article on "Founding Parents"

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October 21, 2011 Over the last several months, we have seen concerns around charter school admissions practices arise multiple times. In each instance, the issue has been one that has played out at no more than a handful of schools, but unfortunately has tainted the integrity of the entire movement. This was certainly the case with a recent article in LA Weekly.

As we all know, it is extremely hard work to open a charter school. Subsequently charter school operators rely heavily on parent and community engagement to help with student recruitment, facilities procurement, and general advocacy needs. Under state law, charters are able to give preference to "children of founders." Therefore, as an Association, we feel strongly that new charter schools be able to give preference to founding parents, but that preference should be extended to only those parents who were involved the school's creation and start-up. If your school's policy suggests that founding parent preference can be given to parents who were not involved in the initial founding of the school, we suggest that you amend that policy accordingly.

CCSA is working with the district to address their concerns around this issue and figure out clearer guidance for schools.