CCSA Answers: When Should A Charter High School Go Through WASC?

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October 20, 2011

Question: As a newly-opened charter high school, when do we need to go through WASC so we can offer UC-approved A-G courses?

Answer: New schools should request WASC for a one-day initial visit as early as possible, especially if the school has 10th, 11th and 12th graders who may wish to apply for admission into UC/CSU.

In order to get UC approval for A-G course requirements, schools must have either WASC accreditation or be a candidate for accreditation. If, after the initial visit, WASC determines the school to be a viable candidate (or interim accredited), the school is given three years to prepare for a full study and multiyear accreditation status. While WASC may suggest that schools be in operation for at least a year before seeking candidacy, there is no reason a school cannot pursue an initial visit if the school's educational program, site, staff, administration, governance, and fiscal accountability structures are in place. In fact, given the stakes, new high schools should consider pursuing candidacy or interim accreditation as early as possible.

Learn more about WASC at You can also find an "Outline of A-G Requirements and Submission Procedures"on our website.

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