CCSA Academic Accountability Report Cards Available NOW!

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October 17, 2011 School results on the CCSA Accountability Framework are currently available online! You can look up individual schools results by accessing the CCSA Academic Accountability Report Cards.

See a description of the data and look up individual school reports here.

It is essential that school leaders look at the data in their Report Card and review for accuracy. If there are data reporting errors you may submit corrections to us by filling out the form available here. Data corrections forms are due to CCSA by December 1, 2011, and we will issue revised Report Cards for schools as appropriate.

The Report Cards show schools' results on critical accountability standards, including the CCSA Minimum Criteria for Renewal, which show the minimum standard that schools (four years and older, ASAM excluded) must meet in order to qualify for CCSA's support at time of renewal. They demonstrate CCSA's efforts to advocate for quality schools and to raise minimum standards in a manner that is rigorous yet also give schools credit for growth and for taking on traditionally disadvantaged students.

In December, once schools have had a chance to corroborate and correct demographic data, CCSA will make public a list of schools not meeting CCSA criteria and our position of support or call for closure on renewals.

The Report Cards also show school results on the State Board of Education's Revocation Regulations, which show which schools (five years and older, ASAM excluded) are at risk of revocation as per these recently adopted metrics.

Learn more about the CCSA Accountability Framework.

Questions? Email or call Samantha Olivieri, Director of Accountability, at (415) 283-5077.