Can Charter School JPA's Help Serve Special Needs Kids Better?

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October 13, 2011 Across Northeastern California, charter schools are collaborating to increase their capacity to serve well students with special needs. For example, in Shasta County, charter schools have formed a consortium to provide local services even though they are part of the El Dorado County Charter SELPA. The majority of the members of the Nevada County Charter Schools Co-Op have joined together to employ staff that serve each of the schools. And in Butte County, Chico Country Day School is providing services to Nord Country School, as well as two schools in Yuba County.

Formalizing these collaborations into Joint Powers Authorities (JPA) can help provide stability and structure for charter participants. You can learn more about the formation of a Special Education JPA in San Diego by clicking here. If you are interested in learning more about the forming a JPA in your area, please contact Sadie Pinotti, Special Education Advisor for the California Charter Schools Association at

Laura Kerr
Regional Director