The Work that I Do On Behalf of Members and the Greater Charter School Movement

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September 16, 2011 I often mistakenly go with the assumption that everyone knows the work that I am doing on a regular bases and the focus areas the Association prioritizes, but I know there are still many of you that may be a bit unclear as to what those are.

The team that I work on, (regional directors, or advocates) works closely with other team members on local and statewide issues impacting our member schools and the larger charter school movement. The Government Affairs Team works on statewide issues but it is my team that brings that down to the individual school level and our valuable members. Any issue that is acted upon on the statewide level is grounded on individual school experiences, activities, challenges and successes.

Although the information I am about to explain is not inclusive of all the work we do, it may provide you with a general idea of some of the priority focus areas we work on. They include:

  • improving access to funding programs and the never ending pursuit of equity in funding among public schools
  • ensuring access to adequate facilities for schools
  • working with local authorizer to improve the authorizing environment
  • building capacity in the charter supporters and stakeholders for greater impact on charter decisions
  • gaining a better understanding of the current strengths and areas of need regarding special education.

Again, this is not an inclusive list of our activities but hopefully will provide you a better understanding of areas that important to our members and the larger charter school movement.

The First of the Central Valley Regional Meetings is this Week.

The first of our Fall Central Valley Regional Meetings is this week in Modesto, with Fresno & Bakersfield coming up the following week. Below are the meeting specifics. Please do all that you can to attend.