OUSD Board Watch

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September 9, 2011 The OUSD Board held a special meeting last Wednesday evening to review the ten schools placed on the potential closures list. These schools are:

  • Marshall Elementary
  • Burckhalter Elementary
  • Lakeview Elementary
  • Santa Fe Elementary
  • Kaiser Elementary
  • Lazear Elementary
  • Maxwell Park Elementary
  • Sobrante Park Elementary
  • Frick Middle School
  • Claremont Middle School

While it is not clear what OUSD has planned for these facilities should the schools be closed, it is not too early for Oakland charter schools to think strategically and collectively about a comprehensive approach to facilities that will support the sustainability, growth and expansion of quality charter schools. The "right-sizing" of OUSD should not exclude the needs and interests of the charter community. CCSA's October 4th Regional Meeting will prioritize this topic, so please join us and come prepared to weigh in on the discussion.

Kate Nicol
Director, Oakland Charter Schools Collaborative