Non-profit Seeks Nominations for Parent Engagement Award

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September 8, 2011 Families in Schools, a non-profit organization that promotes parental engagement in schools, is seeking nominations for its Excellence in Parent Engagement Award. This award recognizes the extraordinary achievements by community leaders within the state of California who have successfully promoted and implemented policies or best practices that help all parents support their children's education. Nominations are due Oct. 31, 2011.

Families In Schools is looking for these extraordinary leaders who have demonstrated excellence in one of more of the four categories listed below:

  • Advocating for policies that foster parent involvement and parent engagement in education;
  • Implementing programs that help parents develop their knowledge and skills on how to support their children's education at home and at school;
  • Implementing programs that help schools and nonprofit staff strengthen their knowledge and skills to effectively engage parents in supporting their children's education;
  • Demonstrates overall excellence in parent engagement though leadership, innovation, and collaboration.

See complete nomination details. Authentic parent engagement is credited for raising teacher morale, increasing student graduation rates, decreasing school violence and gang activity, and plays a key component in student successes. FIS looks forward to recognizing the hard-work of these individuals that are improving our schools and communities.