LAUSD Board Approves Changes to Public School Choice

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September 2, 2011 Thank you to all the charter leaders and parents who joined us Tuesday at the LAUSD board meeting to rally in opposition to proposed changes to the Public School Choice initiative. While we hoped for a different outcome, we can definitively say that we showed the school board and the Los Angeles community that we will speak out for families and will do whatever it takes to ensure students have high-quality education options.

Ultimately, the board passed an amended version of the original resolution that changes the PSC process so that initially only in-district applicants are eligible to apply for new schools. If the district decides that any of the in-district plans are not of sufficiently high quality, only then would external applicants be invited to apply for those new school sites. This resolution will only take effect, however, if LAUSD and the UTLA can reach agreement on reform of the UTLA contract for new PSC schools going forward by Nov. 1. If not, the third round of Public School Choice will go forward as before, with applications due on Nov. 18 rather than Oct. 14.

This decision comes right at the moment that charter schools in Los Angeles are showing better academic results than ever. The California Department of Education released statewide API scores just this morning showing that, on average, charter schools are outperforming the district and that the charter schools that opened under the first round of Public School Choice are already making an impact for students. In comparing the PSC 1.0 charter schools with the existing schools they relieved, three of the four charter schools significantly outpaced those schools in both English Language Arts and Math.

We will continue to keep you posted as these changes to Public School Choice develop. We are encouraging charter schools to continue to apply for schools in this round of the process and will continue to support them in submitting their petitions. Thank you to all of you for your steadfast commitment to providing high-quality education options to the students who need them most.