Former Union Head Says Charters Burn Out Teachers, Don't Perform - What Do You Say?

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September 13, 2011 Have you ever read a negative article about charter schools that just got your blood boiling? Despite the incredible growth and success of charter schools in California, there are still many misconceptions about charters among the public. These misconceptions often find their way into the media, as we see in three recent opinion pieces that ran in Los Angeles newspapers.

If you've ever thought to yourself, "Someone should really respond to that," please take five minutes and share your point of view. In our modern media age, most newspaper articles online allow readers to post their comments immediately at the bottom of the article. You can also write a letter to the editor, email a reporter directly or consider writing your own opinion piece to contribute to the dialogue.

Tips on Responding to Negative Criticism Online

CCSA often responds to negative media and works with reporters on an ongoing basis, but there is nothing more powerful than charter school leaders, teachers, parents and students themselves sharing their perspectives and positive stories. According to polls, about half of Californians know something about charter schools - we still have a ways to go. Make sure they hear from you!

These are two stories to which CCSA recently responded:

LA Wave: LAUSD's 'unjust' approach to charter schools in South L.A
- CCSA Response: Charters are Public Schools, Open to All

City Watch: LA Charter Schools Not Truly Free Public Education
- CCSA Response: Charter Schools ARE Public Schools

Here's the story that ran today:

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