External Opportunity: Free Schoolzilla Data Tool

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September 9, 2011 Given CCSA's focus on data-driven decision making, we are forwarding the announcement below on behalf of Aspire Public Schools. The tool described below is different from ZOOM! Data Source in that it analyzes only CST data and is designed to be self-service, whereas ZOOM! also supports school-based assessments and provides customized technical support and professional development. Please respond directly to interest@schoolzilla.org with questions or visit www.schoolzilla.org to get started.

Aspire Public Schools is launching a brand new, free tool for Data Heroes in schools across California. Schoolzilla, developed as part of Aspire's commitment to share successful practices, aims to empower educators in their efforts to drive student achievement by providing easy-to-use and easy-to-share data reports. The highlights:

  • Schoolzilla's first tool, the CST Explorer, transforms CST data into beautiful visualizations and sharable reports. Users will upload their CST data and then view, share, and create customized reports on school and student performance results.
  • Schoolzilla is launching on September 7th and will be offered free-of-charge through December 2011. After December, Aspire will integrate feedback from the pilot phase to make improvements to the product, including the possible introduction of fee-based premium features.
  • The Schoolzilla team has focused on making the CST Explorer user-friendly and completely self-service. The team will also be available to offer phone and email support on any aspect of the tool through the pilot phase.
  • Schoolzilla is entirely FERPA compliant and designed to protect the privacy of user and student data; information uploaded to Schoolzilla will be employed solely to provide reports and analysis to users and will never be shared with any third-party.