CCSA Answers: Required Sections of SARC for a Charter School

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September 9, 2011
Question: As a charter school, I understand that we have to create an annual School Accountability Report Card (SARC), but not necessarily comply with the specific content requirements contained in the Education Code. Which sections of the SARC are required and which are optional for charter schools?

Answer: Information on the specific sections and information required in charter school SARCs can be accessed through the CDE SARC web site. The data definitions for each section of the SARC include references to state education code and federal requirements. Data definitions which have an ""E C"" designation are state Education Code requirements which the CDE does not require for charter schools. Those with a ""P L"" designation, which stands for Public Law, are required for charter schools. ""P L"" designations include the NCLB federal requirements for charter school accountability reporting. For comparability purposes, the CDE encourages all charter schools in California to prepare and distribute SARCs as provided for in state law. The template with data found at the SARC web site contains most of the data for completing a SARC.