CCSA Answers: Attendance Requirements for Receiving Apportionment Credit

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September 22, 2011

Question: Is it legal for a school to count as present students who show up in the parking lot for a minute or two and then go home?

Answer: According to the School Fiscal Services Division of the CDE, California Education Code (EC) Section 46300(a) states the requirements of the "time" that counts towards crediting apportionment--the student must be under the "immediate supervision and control of a certificated employee of the district" and "doing educational activities required of them." A student that never enters the classroom with the intent to perform educational activities does not generate apportionment credit.

The law also provides that a student who is present for any portion of the instructional school day generates apportionment credit. However, the student would have to be in compliance with EC Section 46300(a).

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