Awareness and Support of Charters Has Grown to New Levels According to New CCSA Statewide Polling

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September 30, 2011 Each year, CCSA conducts statewide public opinion polling to chart the awareness levels and support for charter schools among other things. In 2011, awareness of and support for charters grew to new levels. More than 67% of respondents reported knowing about charters and 47% indicated support. This year, for the first time, it has become clear that the base support for charters exceeds 40% of the population; while the opposition is roughly 15 to 20%. These findings tell us that the public now has the information necessary to determine whether or not they support charter public schools.

Although opponents of charters often use what appear to be strong arguments against charters, when the debates are put to the general public, supporters of charter schools won each of the hypothetical debates. And the strongest predictor of opinion about charter schools remains the experiences, direct or indirect, that people have with them. This year, almost nine out of 10 respondents with some experience described it as positive. But public exposure to charter schools has been too infrequent. Levels of exposure left almost two-thirds of the population with neither direct nor indirect exposure to charter schools. The keys to growing support for charter lie with continuing the positive experiences, broadening public exposure to the schools and responding to the common myths about charters. Student, parents, teachers and other supporters can play a central role in this effort.

How Members and Their Supporters Can Help:

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