You Can Help Stop Sacramento from Attacking Charters!

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August 12, 2011 The past year was an unprecedented year for proposed legislation attacking charter schools. It's important and powerful for all charters to do their part to ensure that this kind of attack doesn't occur again this year. The most significant way to make sure that your legislators are working for your schools is to build a relationship with them.

As the new school year is beginning, here are some effective ways to remind your legislators that you are an essential part of the community:

  • Remind yourself and your team who your legislators are. Contact your regional director for help!
  • Send you legislators an invitation to Back to School Nights or other events showcasing your school at the beginning of the year
  • Make time to schedule an appointment with your legislators and other charter leaders to talk about your school and the community you serve.
  • Invite legislators to visit your school
  • Put your legislators on your mailing list to receive school newsletters so that they become familiar with your school

Your regional team is here to help with this important advocacy work!