Local Schools are Making their Mark in the Media

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August 19, 2011 I have been noticing more and more marketing and advertising from our local charters, and I think it's fantastic.

I saw a great standing piece advertisement for ACEL Fresno Charter High School at Broadway Faire Theater in Fresno. Clovis Online Charter High School has a commercial spot running on local television stations as do others I've seen. There are charters utilizing newspapers as well as social media all in the name of highlighting the public service they are providing to our communities. The priority of trying to secure students to schools is becoming more and more visible at multiple levels, from districts attracting students from other districts and districts seeking to re-enroll students from charters back to the district. The better you are at getting the word out about the good work that you do... the more successful you will be.

Our regional meetings are a great time to learn from your peers about a variety of topics, including how schools are spreading the word about their schools. Don't forget to register for our upcoming Fall Central Valley meetings. Mark your calendars!

John Madrid,
Regional Director