CCSA Opposes Resolution That Would Prevent Charters From Applying for New PSC Schools

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July 21, 2011 LAUSD Board Member Steve Zimmer has introduced a resolution, to be voted upon on August 30, that would allow only in-district and pilot school applicants to apply for new schools under the Public School Choice initiative. This is not a minor revision; this change would strike at the heart of the PSC reform. CCSA and Families That Can joined a coalition of community organizations, including Alliance for a Better Community and Families in Schools, who publicly opposed the resolution when it was introduced in July and who will oppose it at the August board meeting.

The third round of Public School Choice is currently underway, with applications due in October. Find out more about the schools in Round Three and the charter applicants that are participating.

LA Daily News wrote an editorial opposing Zimmer's proposed changes on July 21, 2011:

Los Angeles Unified's landmark Public School Choice program will look different this fall, when communities are due to start reviewing the third annual round of bids from groups seeking to take over the management of low-performing campuses. School district officials are looking at ways to improve the reform-minded plan they adopted in 2009. So far, give them an A for effort. But give them an "incomplete" on results. Unfortunately, the proposals on the table right now would be less likely to strengthen School Choice than to chip away at its intent.