San Francisco Charter Schools Receive Needed District, City Funds

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June 24, 2011 City and district propositions are adding an additional $425 per student to the operating funds of the 13 operating charter schools in San Francisco, welcome news in these terrible economic times. A citywide parcel tax to benefit public school teachers was passed by the voters in 2008, and generates $32 million for all public schools, $1 million of which goes to charters each year.

And the City's Rainy Day Funds, a reserve created by a proposition written by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, generated $6.1 million this year, $340,000 of which goes to charter schools. Rainy Day Funds are only accessed in times of financial distress, such as this year. These two local funding sources provide a critical cushion to charter schools in San Francisco, which like all other charter and district public schools, are getting hit hard by California budget woes.