CCSA and LAUSD Agree to Stay Prop. 39 Litigation

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June 24, 2011 We are pleased to announce that CCSA and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) have agreed to stay the Proposition 39 litigation, which this year, has enabled more than 16,000 LAUSD charter school students to return to district buildings.

Under the terms of the new court order, CCSA will continue to monitor LAUSD's Prop. 39 compliance, among other things. If LAUSD fails to abide by the terms of the court orders, which include an obligation on LAUSD's part to provide member charter schools with Prop. 39 facilities, CCSA will have the ability to immediately seek redress before the Court, which will be retaining jurisdiction over the case. In addition, CCSA and LAUSD will return to court one year from today to determine next steps.

CCSA is hopeful that LAUSD will expand on the progress made toward full compliance with Proposition 39, and continue to provide more classrooms to all public school students, including those attending charter schools. Moreover, CCSA looks forward with renewed interest to working with the District on collaborative efforts to further expand educational opportunities for all LAUSD public school students.

CCSA is particularly thankful to Los Angeles charter school leaders for their extraordinary, collective efforts in relation to Prop. 39. Please keep in touch with CCSA in respect to your Prop. 39 arrangements as the summer progresses and look for CCSA Prop. 39 guidance and training opportunities this fall.