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February 11, 2019

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For months you've been asking for a charter-specific LCAP workshop. We've heard you! Don't miss this chance to get all of your LCAP questions answered! At this in-person pre-conference workshop, charter experts from A Plus Charter Consulting, Inc. and ExED will be presenting information on the LCAP including:

  • Revised LCAP Template
  • New LCFF Budget Overview (new form): requirements
  • New LCAP requirements (narratives, AMO's, etc.)
  • CA Dashboard: State/local indicators & Data Analysis
  • What CALPADS data is included in your school's Dashboard? How to review your CALPADS report?
  • New: School Identification for CSI, TSI, and ATSI
  • New CSI requirements that apply to Charter Schools (School Plan submission to COE) & State Grant funding availability
  • Charter School Fall 2019 Identification for Intensive Intervention
  • New: AB716 - Using your LCAP as your SPSA
  • New: Overview on LCAP Federal Addendum

When: Monday, March 11, 9:30 am-2:30 pm
Where: Sacramento Convention Center - Room 307
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