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February 14, 2019

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Are you responsible for the many facets of data reporting, including CALPADS, attendance, and LCFF calculations? Do you want to better understand how CALPADS data are used by federal and state agencies? From data collection to how funding is generated through LCFF and several federal grants and entitlements, an expert from FCMAT will take you through the essentials including timelines you need to know to maximize revenue.

Topics include:

  • CALPADS data timelines for submitting information throughout the year, such as initial filing, amendment windows and certification.
  • How CALPADS data are used for funding, accountability, state and federal reporting requirements, research and more.
  • The essential nature of CALPADS reporting for English learners, students eligible for free/reduced price meals, and foster youth, which results in the unduplicated count critical to the LCFF funding model.
  • Ed-Data: a powerful tool that provides comprehensive data about K-12 education in California. Learn how to use this information to better understand how your LEA is performing.
  • How organizational coordination and collaboration are key to successful reporting and maximizing revenue to support the students who need more assistance.

"Why Data Matters" will be held in person from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm on the following dates and at the following locations:

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