Statement: Response to call from UTLA on capping charter schools in LAUSD

December 21, 2018

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Today, CCSA released the following statement in response to a call from UTLA to cap charter schools in Los Angeles Unified School District:

"A cap on charter schools won't solve the financial challenges before L.A. Unified. It will hurt the hundreds of thousands of kids who need great public schools the most, and the families who historically have struggled to access a free education that will help lift them up beyond their challenges and open the doors of opportunity. Sacrificing their futures to deflect from the serious issues confronting public education financing at the core of UTLA's demands is the wrong argument in the wrong venue. Let's work together to solve problems big and small to ensure every child in California has a great public school. Our independent charter schools in Los Angeles serve students who are 88% Latinx and Black, 82% low-income, and 11% are students with disabilities, and they are learning more and attending college at higher rates. We must continue to support and invest in every public school that serves students well and hold schools accountable when they don't."