A Look Back at 2018: Lessons & Gratitude

December 28, 2018

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As we get ready for 2019, it's always useful and rewarding to reflect on lessons learned and what we are grateful for over the past year. We looked back on what was most important to you on social media in 2018 and were reminded of what a tremendous year this has been for California's charter schools - thank you for sharing that journey with us!

Here's what stood out in 2018, as reflected by top performing social media:

You want ALL kids to have access to quality education. 
We celebrated when a one-time block grant, known as the "Low Performing Students Block Grant," was added to the 2018-19 state budget. The block grant, adapted from Assembly Bill (AB) 2635, which was sponsored by CCSA and authored by Assemblymember Weber, sprovide $300 million in one-time funding to help close the achievement gap.

You want their schools to put #KidsFirst, not profits. 
Together we got behind AB 406, legislation that made sure ALL charter public schools in California are 100% non-profit (including CMOs).

You care about the charter community.
When the schools of Butte County needed help as a result of what is now the most tragic fire to date, you rose together to help get these communities back on their feet.  You showed your support using hashtags #ParadiseStrongthanking Governor Jerry Brown for his help, and donating thousands of dollars!

You are willing to roll up your sleeves and get involved. 
Whether it's speaking up at school board meetings, showing up at rallies, or writing to your local newspaper, you're making your voices heard. 

You're committed to helping California's most vulnerable students. 

More than 95% of charter public schools in CA were already providing free or reduced-price meals to our state's most vulnerable students, however when AB1871, a bill CCSA supported, passed - we made it 100%!

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We are looking forward to everything 2019 has to offer, and we can't wait to explore more ways to connect, inspire and engage this community.  Until next year!