Save The Date: January 20-26, 2019 is National School Choice Week

December 28, 2018

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National School Choice Week (NCSW), January 20-26, 2019, provides an exciting opportunity, every year, for teachers and administrators to celebrate what makes their schools great!

NSCW is an opportunity to raise public awareness of the different types of public education available, including charter schools. Starting in 2011, NCSW is now the world's largest celebration of opportunity in education.

Schools can sign up to receive a free box of supplies to be used to help celebrate NCSW at any event, meeting, or activity- big or small. Participation is entirely free. There are no shipping charges, invoices, or membership fees. Supplies will ship later this fall.

NSCW is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical, independent public awareness effort and is not associated with any legislative lobbying or advocacy.

Learn more and sign up here: