Students from rural, farming communities plant seeds for success in school and life

September 27, 2018

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Personalized, experiential learning programs leveraging technology, an Edible School Yard, and a learning kitchen teach literacy and the importance of healthy living to students living in Kern county and surrounding regions.

With an overall student body made up of approximately 92.3% Latino students and 35% English Language Learners (EL), Grimmway Schools (Grimmway), operating two college-prep K-8 charter schools in Arvin and Shafter, focus on literacy, health and wellness to help students lead healthy lives and achieve great academic results in communities significantly impacted by Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Students are thriving in the learning environments Grimmway offers. Grimmway's Arvin students, approximately 94% are Latino and 31% are English Language Learners (EL), fall in the 75-80th performance percentile, which means they perform above average on state academic standards (Source: CCSA).

"We are very proud of our students, who are outperforming their peers across the state and in Kern County who are noted as historically underserved," said Paul Escala, Executive Director, Grimmway. "This would not be possible without the hard work of Grimmway's staff and teachers who do incredible, creative work to personalize programs and help students achieve success in school and life."

Grimmway continues to refine and expand their practices that have been working at their first location in Arvin at their newest facility in Shafter. Both schools enjoy full enrollment and have waitlists, indicating that their academic program continues to provide the type of education Kern county families want.

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