A Mother Shares Her Reason for Choosing Empower Charter School: Its Dual Language Immersion Program

September 27, 2018

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For every student at a charter school, there is a unique reason they or their parents chose to attend. For Nayeli San Pedro, the choice was personal. She chose Empower Charter School (Empower) in the Linda Vista neighborhood of San Diego for its Spanish/English dual language immersion program. Nayeli speaks Spanish at home so it was important to her that her daughters to learn the language along with English.

Nayeli, who has two of her three daughters enrolled at Empower, says she wanted the bilingual program because she's seen a lot of parents who don't teach their kids in their primary language, but she wants hers to learn to read and write it properly. She said her daughter Karen, who started at Empower as a second grader and will be a fifth grader in the fall, didn't want to speak Spanish, so it helps her to be in a school that promotes Spanish.

While Karen has struggled in math, she has improved a lot in Spanish, with much more control of the language. She says that learning two languages is "kind of hard but worth it." In addition to the bilingual program, she also enjoys the school's cross-fit program.

Nayeli heard about Empower from a friend - a reminder of the importance of asking people about schools and telling people about your school because you never know who's looking. Nayai was looking for a dual language program but she also likes how Empower teaches other cultures and traditions, as well as offing lots of programs, like the afterschool program with the Boys & Girls Club.

After the school worked so well for Karen, Nayeli enrolled her second daughter in the school. Julie will start kindergarten in the fall. Judith already attended TK at Empower following in her sister's footsteps.

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