Tell Gov. Brown to Sign AB 1871

August 30, 2018

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By Dr. Elias Vargas, School Director, City Heights Preparatory in San Diego

As a principal at a school where 100 percent of students receive free lunch, I know first-hand how important lunch can be for those students. It could be the only nutritious meal they get that day. That's why I'm urging Governor Brown to sign AB 1871 which would require California's charter public schools to provide at least one meal a day to free or reduced-price meal eligible students.

The fact is, the vast majority of charter schools already provide meals to their students. However, a small minority - less than 5 percent - of charters schools across the state face unique challenges in providing school meals, including lack of access to a kitchen or to food service vendors.

Supported by the California Charter Schools Association, AB 1871 is critically important legislation that will help our state's most vulnerable students. It's time for us to deliver for them.