Intellectual Virtues Academy Receives $1.5 Million Dollar Grant

June 20, 2018

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1.5 million dollars has been awarded to The Intellectual Virtues Academy of Long Beach by the John Templeton Foundation in recognition of the Academy's rigorous academic standards and to support the high school's expansion over the next three years.

Less than two percent of all proposals submitted to the Templeton Foundation are awarded, including those from top organizations and researchers from around the world.

The Academy is a non-profit, public, charter high school authorized by Los Angeles Office of Education in 2016. Its highly successful affiliated middle school of the same name, the Intellectual Virtues Academy, opened in 2013-14 and is authorized by the Long Beach Unified School District. The schools were designed as a dynamic demonstration of 21st century education, based on research and the "best thinking" in education, psychology, neuroscience, and more.

Read the full press release here.