CCSA Statement on Aspire ERES Land Procurement for New Campus

May 23, 2018

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CCSA released the following statement from Maxwell Daigh, Regional Director, Bay Area, CCSA, in response to Oakland Unified School District's (OUSD's) unfounded claims that they were not informed of plans by Aspire ERES charter public school to procure land for a new campus and the District's disconcerting efforts to try to prevent Aspire ERES from providing educational opportunities to the public school students of Oakland. In 2014, OUSD's school board voted unanimously to allow Aspire to seek facilities funding under the Charter Schools Facilities Program in order to provide space for their projected student body.

"Public record clearly shows that on June 11, 2014 the OUSD school board - including current board members Jody London, Rosie Torres, Jumoke Hinton Hodge, and James Harris - reviewed and unanimously approved a resolution allowing Aspire ERES charter public school to seek facilities funding. It's irresponsible for publicly elected OUSD school board members, accountable to the families they serve, to mislead the Oakland community by spreading misinformation about Aspire's plans for expansion. Ultimately, a community cannot thrive in an environment where its public agencies fail to implement laws and regulations consistently and fairly."

"We call upon the OUSD school board to act with integrity by maintaining their previous commitment to support the students who choose to attend public school at Aspire ERES. For too long, Fruitvale families only had the option to send their kids to schools that didn't meet the needs of all students. Aspire ERES wants to change this. With a proven track record of success, Aspire believes all Fruitvale students deserve access to the best educational opportunities and programming available, offered in a safe teaching and learning environment."

"Charter public schools are an essential partner in OUSD's mission to provide all students the high-quality education they deserve. Families shouldn't be punished for wanting only the best public schools for their kids, and students shouldn't be denied access to a great public education offered in a new, safe school facility."