CCSA Recognizes Incredible Educators Who Make Charter Public Schools Great Places for Students to Learn and Thrive

May 7, 2018

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Caity Heim, CCSA

CCSA Recognizes Incredible Educators Who Make Charter Public Schools Great Places for Students to Learn and Thrive

Sacramento, CA - The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) is proud to recognize charter public school teachers across the state who provide a high-quality public education to students at their charter public schools in honor of National Charter Schools Week and Teacher Appreciation Week, both of which fall the week of May 6-12, 2018.

Every year, National Charter Schools Week gives us the chance to raise awareness about our amazing schools and showcase the academic successes of our students. Teacher Appreciation Week falls during the same week and is an opportunity to celebrate teachers who make a positive impact in the lives of their students and within their school communities. School communities around the country honor their schools and teachers by hosting rallies, inviting elected officials to visit, and elevating school stories and teacher voices via media, blogs, and social media.

Is there a teacher you'd like to thank? Send them a message of your support on social media and use the following hashtags: #ThankATeacher, #NationalCharterSchoolsWeek, or #TeacherAppreciationWeek. We'll be sure to share and retweet your stories!


Signe Miller, 3rd Grade Teacher
Chico Country Day School, Chico

Signe is a passionate, committed, and inspiring educator. At Chico Country Day, she continually works on honing her craft by researching, identifying, and implementing new ways of delivering curriculum, re-imagining fieldtrips, and identifying ways to bring the community into her classroom. She also helps her colleagues find opportunities to get creative with their work to help all of their students grow and succeed. Not only that, Signe inspires each of her students by creating projects that align with each students' unique strengths and interests to help them improve academically.

"I love my charter school because it provides me with a work experience that I believe in, inspires me to be the best teacher I can be, and motivates me to continually grow as a teacher. Each morning when I drive into the parking lot, I feel a sense of excitement."

Michelle Wiggans, Independent Study Teacher
Visions in Education, Sacramento

Michelle is known by her colleagues as an educator who goes above and beyond to engage students in their learning and support their educational, social, and emotional well-being. Michelle has made education accessible to all of her students, especially those in historically diverse and economically disadvantaged communities. She does this by providing one-on-one academic support to students most in need. Michelle motivates her colleagues to excel at their craft by leading and presenting to staff during professional development opportunities.

"My charter school helps students feel safe and connected, build confidence and personal responsibility, and envision possibilities for their future. I have the time and opportunity to get to know each of my students, which makes all the difference"


Kelly Angelina, 7th Grade Teacher
Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS), Los Angeles

As a teacher of 7th grade girls at GALS in Los Angeles, Kelly knows how to help her students focus on results and feel empowered to achieve their full potential. Kelly's incredible teaching has allowed her students to thrive, with more than 50 percent of her class growing their Lexile levels, which determine reading ability, by 100 points or more since August 2017. Beyond student achievement, Kelly creates opportunities to enhance school culture and provide girls with empowering experiences. She founded the GALS chapter of Girls on The Run and coaches and coordinates all of their activities year-round. Kelly takes initiative and is organized in everything she does, which has helped bring out the best in her students and colleagues.

"I can't imagine working at any other school now that I've found my charter school, the Girls Athletic Leadership School. Our sisterhood is built upon strong, trusting relationships."

Liza Haugen, 2nd Grade Teacher
Kavod Elementary, San Diego

Liza is known in the San Diego charter school community as an inspiring and standout teacher. Her passion for her students pushes her to arrive early and stay late. Liza is always exploring new ways to connect with and educate her students. She builds relationships with gestures like writing individual notes to her students reminding them of their personal strengths and that they are appreciated. Liza has gained attention in local news and was selected by NBC7 San Diego as the November 2017 Inspirational Teacher of the Month.

"What I love about teaching at my charter school is that the teachers at Kavod Elementary Charter School teach from the heart and individualize instruction to meet our students' levels of need and interest."