Democratic Charter Public School Parents and Supporters Rally at the California Democratic Party Convention in San Diego

February 24, 2018

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Caity Heim, California Charter Schools Association

Democratic Charter Public School Parents and Supporters Rally at the California Democratic Party Convention in San Diego

Hundreds of Registered Democrats and Charter School Advocates Rally in Support of Shared Progressive Democratic Values

SAN DIEGO, California - Supported by Assemblymember Blanca Rubio and school leader Margaret Fortune, hundreds of registered Democratic charter public school parents, teachers, students, community activists and education advocates from across the state, rallied at the California Democratic Convention today. They rallied to raise awareness among Democratic Party delegates, candidates and elected officials on their shared progressive values, shared focus on social justice and how charter schools are providing a great education to all students regardless of zip code, income or ability level.

"There's a lot of misinformation about charter schools being circulated for the wrong purposes. These are public schools attempting to serve students in need. A one-size fits all approach to education doesn't work for my kid. What I want, as a parent, is to exercise my right to enroll my child in a great public school," said Lisette Duarte, parent of student attending eCals charter public high school in Glassell Park.

California's charter public schools offer a different approach to public education - one that is as creative as the kids of California, one that puts kids above bureaucracy.

Since their creation 25 years ago by the state legislature, charter public schools have utilized their creative ingenuity and learning flexibility to help close the achievement and opportunity gap in communities across California. Publicly available data indicates that charter public schools suspend California Latino and African American charter public school student's 50 percent less than traditional schools. Additionally, these students are more likely to be prepared for, apply to and attend college and are twice as likely to attend California's highest performing schools.

"Everything my party stands for including free public education, public transparency and high standards of accountability are the hallmarks of charter public schools, yet there are simply not enough party members representing our experiences and opinions about the value charters bring to public education in any of the platforms or debates here at the convention. Where's the inclusion?" said Shakira Dupa, parent of charter school student attending Aspire College Academy in the Oakland area.

"Charter schools are an important part of strengthening California's public school system. They offer more kids an opportunity for a great public education at schools that put their needs first," said said Roxanne Nazario, parent whose child attends Stetson Avenue Charter Public School in the Los Angeles area. "Party leaders can't ignore the data and the desires of parents. We are here today to raise our voices and talk about education and the way it impacts our kids and communities."

The charter school community is ready to collaborate to build a better California by embracing schools that are committed to closing the achievement gap, protecting our most vulnerable and delivering the best education for students.

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