CCSA Moves to Position of Support for AB1360 (Bonta) - Charter School Admissions and Discipline Bill

May 23, 2017

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The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) is proud to announce our support for AB 1360 (Bonta) based on common sense amendments agreed to between CCSA, the author and its sponsors.

CCSA worked with Assemblymember Rob Bonta to dispel misperceptions and to clarify existing law regarding nondiscrimination and federal due process protections in charter public schools throughout California.

Through our efforts with Assemblymember Bonta, AB 1360 makes clear that charter public schools are accessible to all students who want to attend, and that no student or group of students will be excluded or discriminated against due to enrollment and admissions policies.

Recent amendments to the bill are consistent with state and federal law and the intent of the California Charter Schools Act, and ensure a stronger articulation of these critical protections for students, while avoiding excessive and burdensome new mandates on charter schools.

"We believe the amendments to AB 1360 further affirm that all students have equitable access to enroll in a charter public school and are afforded essential due process rights in all dismissal proceedings," said Carlos Marquez, SVP, Government Affairs, CCSA. "Assemblymember Bonta's leadership cannot be understated, and this agreement between CCSA and the sponsoring coalition would not have been possible without his unwavering commitment to bringing and keeping all parties at the table."

Marquez continued, "We hope this bill becomes a model for all public schools, including traditional public and district magnet schools, and that they will follow the lead demonstrated by this charter school action and examine their own potentially exclusionary admissions and disciplinary policies. We believe such policies should be clarified to ensure all students have the opportunity to select the school program of their choice."

CCSA will continue to work to ensure charter schools retain the critical operational and instructional flexibilities that have resulted in innovation and high quality educational programs for students.