CCSA Responds to Federal Government's Proposed FY18 Budget

May 23, 2017

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We are concerned by the deep cuts included in the proposed FY 2018 budget released today by the federal government, including $54 billion in overall cuts to non-defense discretionary spending, of which $9 billion would come from the Department of Education. The proposed budget does not maintain FY 2017 IDEA funding levels and reduces the Title 1 Part A formula funds. Such cuts would have widespread and long-term negative impacts on the most vulnerable students, families and communities across our state and country.

We appreciate the Administration's proposed increased investment in the Charter Schools Program (CSP) by $158 million, critical funding needed to grow and replicate high quality charter schools to meet the needs of families seeking the charter school option. However, we acknowledge that public schools are impacted by programs outside of the CSP, like nutrition assistance to health to housing.

Sustaining charter schools and all public schools requires great investments at all levels. We urge the federal government to consider the implications of the budget overall for our families and communities. Specifically, we call on Congress to sustain and increase its overall investment in public education funding to meet the needs of all public school students, including charter and district school students.