Toolkit: 9 Key Elements of Successful Special Education Programs

April 10, 2017

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CCSA has released a best practices toolkit based on a qualitative study of 10 of the highest performing California charter schools and their successful approaches to meeting the needs of students with disabilities. This toolkit details nine key elements of successful special education programs and provides examples of how to implement each piece with links and references to supportive resources.

Click here to view the full special education toolkit, or view this toolkit infographic that provides a brief overview of the nine key elements. To read the full report, including case studies of successful programs, click here.

The toolkit is meant to be revised as new best practices emerge. To that end, CCSA is seeking input from school leaders on innovative and successful approaches in special education.

If you are a school leader or a special educator, please take the time to participate in CCSA's Special Education Best Practices Toolkit Survey to share:

  • Your feedback on the toolkit;
  • If your school utilizes any of the approaches presented; and
  • What other approaches your school has found successful in educating students with disabilities.