State Audit finds Alliance Did Not Spend Public Funds in Response to Unionization Efforts

April 13, 2017

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On April 13, 2017 California State Auditor's office released the results of its audit into Alliance College-Ready Public Schools' finances entitled "Alliance College-Ready Public Schools: The Nonprofit Did Not Spend Public Funds or Divert Classroom Resources in Response to Unionization Efforts."

The audit confirmed that all public funds received by the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools were directed to the classroom and that per-pupil classroom spending at three Alliance charter schools reviewed for the audit had in fact increased during the period of 2013 to 2016. The Alliance is to be commended for not only providing high quality public school options to thousands of low-income minority students in the Los Angeles community but for also being responsible stewards of public funds.

An audit of this nature usually has many recommendations for improvement. However, in their report, the auditors made only two recommendations for the Alliance. First, while the Alliance did provide opt-out notices for all families prior to sharing data with CCSA and those requests were honored, the auditors found that the Alliance did not properly notify parents and students about their privacy rights under federal law because they did not include the annual Notification of Rights when they sent the opt-out notices. The Alliance has already remedied this issue by sending the annual Notification of Rights to families earlier this academic year. Second, the auditor made recommendations on improving best practice procurement practices. This recommendation the Alliance has already begun addressing and has committed to having fully implemented by June of this year.

CCSA will continue to work with our members, like the Alliance, to disseminate information to parents and school community stakeholders about a variety of public education issues such as charter school renewals, facilities challenges, increasing awareness about charter schools in the community, and speaking about their family's personal experience at the charter with media.

The California State Auditor's report may be found here.