CCSA Issues Statement on LAUSD Board Resolution

April 18, 2017

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The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) issued the following statement in response to the LAUSD Board of Education's adoption of Resolution 089-16/17.

"Today the Los Angeles community finally has its answer as to whom the LAUSD Board of Education believes it is most accountable - for a majority of Board members the answer is the bureaucracy of the district and not parents and students.

This afternoon, four board members (McKenna, Schmerelson, Vladovic and Zimmer) voted in support of resolution 089 which throws the district's support behind three of the California Teachers Association's (CTA) anti-charter bills this legislative cycle, including SB 808 (Mendoza). Senator Mendoza publicly stated today that he would not seek to move the bill out of the Senate Education Committee next week, so today's LAUSD vote was unnecessary and was clearly a matter of political gamesmanship and not about solving any real problems. There can be no doubt, SB 808 as written is a charter killer bill that would allow school districts to deny charters based on financial implications for the district for new and renewing charters, removes all due process for appeals to the county and/or state, and would no longer allow a county or state board of education to authorize charters at all. This bill if enacted would be the end of all charters, new and renewing in a district like LAUSD that is facing severe financial crisis of their own making.

Four board members with their public statements and votes today, sent a clear message to the LA community that they do not support charter public schools and that they value the "district entity" over students, parents and perhaps most disappointingly providing high quality educational options for all kids. The hypocrisy of this legislation is that it is sponsored by CTA and UTLA, two unions that pride themselves for standing up for the due process rights of their teachers and yet they would dare deny due process for parents, students and other educational leaders with this kind of draconian legislation.

While CCSA and our members would much prefer to be debating real issues in the public education landscape and working on common sense solutions, we are fully committed to defeating SB 808 and CTA's other bills that seek to destroy public school options for California's families.

Today's vote demonstrates the importance of school board members who value all public schools in the community they represent and ensuring that parents have access to high quality options for their children, rather than board members who would only defend the status quo.