CCSA Recognizes Sherwood Montessori For Collaboration with Local School District & Community

February 16, 2017

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Sherwood Montessori (Sherwood), a Chico-based charter school, knows firsthand the truth behind the adage "alone we can do so little but together we can do so much." From the school's success in securing an equitable Prop. 39 facility after years of reapplication, to securing bond funds to turn Sherwood into a community gathering place, collaboration was the foundation for Sherwood's success.

Sherwood used to be stationed in a privately-owned, over-priced facility that wasn't meeting their students' needs. The property lacked a multipurpose room, leaving children to eat lunch outside year-round rain or shine, space to fit the number of children who hoped to one day attend their school, and a science lab to bring learning to life. The Sherwood team began looking at all real estate options that could be turned into a school, explored long term lease options, raw land for portables, and applied for their Prop. 39 facility every year. Unfortunately, they were continually offered a Prop. 39 facility that typically didn't meet their needs because it was either too far away for families to travel to each day, or it didn't meet their academic needs.

After much research, trial, and error, Sherwood's faculty and families quickly learned to master the art of collaboration to secure the best facility for their students. Upon learning about a new school bond opportunity to rejuvenate existing school sites or build new facilities, families and faculty jumped on the chance to become involved in the bond process with the local school board. It was through this collaboration over the bond process that families, faculty, and the school district developed positive relationships, came to an understanding of what Sherwood was going through and truly needed, and ultimately helped move the district to find Sherwood an equitable Prop. 39 facility that met their academic and family needs.

Today, Sherwood is co-located with Chapman Elementary in Chico where they work hard to continue to develop strong bonds with their co-located education partners, surrounding community, and school board. Sherwood hopes to not only continue to build strong relationships utilizing actionable goals, but also leverage the site to its full capacity by revamping it to become not just a school but a community gathering place with cooking and gardening demonstrations, a farmer's market, and more.

CCSA is proud to recognize Sherwood for their exemplary work to develop strong partnerships with their school district and surrounding community and looks forward to seeing their continued success inspire other charter schools across the state.